Cork Coasters



Easy to clean

100% Fine Grain

Round Coaster

Protect your Table

Rs. 100

Protect Furniture Surfaces : Say goodbye to annoying water rings and damaged wood surfaces from your beverage. Keep your tables, desks and other furnishings surface clear of water damage, drips, and spills with Catchable Cork Coasters - and enjoy serving and sipping drinks, worry free!

Durable Cork Material : The perfect material for an absorbent and flexible mat under the bottom of your glassware. Whether you are enjoying an espresso or some red wine, these coasters are sure to protect the natural finish of your furniture surfaces.

A Perfect Gift : Give the gift of carefree drinking and dining with Catchable coasters! Enjoy dinner parties without having to worry about rings and stains on the kitchen counter or wooden desk. Protect your modern decor and give your home the perfect rustic accent with cork coasters. Bulk set of 12 makes it ideal for gift giving and office presents!

Fits Perfect Under your Glassware : Sip out of your favourite cup, or large coffee mug guilt free. Keep its blank cork material for a simple addition to your home or DIY custom design it to fit your unique style.

Material Cork
Weight 10g
Shape Circle

1. Our Circle Cork Coasters are the perfect coasters to lodge any glassware and ceramic ware on. Great qualities come with them. The Set of Coasters delivered only by catch-able has all the features which you may be looking for in cork mats – long-term durability, high resistance to wear-and-tear, quick liquid absorption, minimalist fashion that suits any room and setting.

2. Keeps cold and hot drinks from damaging furniture. These house accessories can be used as hot pads, put a few together for large pots and pans. Protect glasses from scratching surfaces.

3. No liquid will leak through them. These can be reused. Can also be used as a small plant saucer.

4. The excellent quality of cork materials used to create our coasters makes them absorbent and hence prevents leaks from escaping the cork mat itself, protecting your furniture top from stubborn liquid spots.

5. With this kind of ease, you will get to enjoy conversations amongst your friends and family over drinks without the need to repeatedly clean up drips amid the fun gathering.