Yo Yo Data Cable with C Type

Space saver data cable, easy to store tangle-free design

Retractable wire, pull together from both ends to open/close. Pull again to close back

Premium finish cable and connectors

Takes care of your charging and data syncing needs

Maximum length: 39 inches

Rs. 225

Retractable wire, pull to open until it reaches the desired length, pull slightly to close back.

Premium finishes Rubberized cable and caps for connectors.

Yo-Yo data cable works with iPhone, Android, and Windows phones for your charging and data synchronizing needs is available in the premium finish with rubberized cable and caps for connectors in a tangle-free design.

Saves space, is easy to store with retractable wires, which can be pulled to open until it reaches the desired length or maximum of 39 inches and then just pull it slightly to close back automatically.

Material  Plastic
Dimensions 12.5x4.7x2.7cm
Type  Data Cable
Weight  20g