Gel Mousepad

Helps relive wrist pressure

Slip-free base

Gel-filled cushion

Designed for comfortable touch and support

Rs. 195

Helps relieve wrist pressure : Supports wrist, relieves pressure, and provides comfort.

Soothing Support : Provides soothing support while redistributing pressure points.

Slip-Free Base : No need to worry about the mouse pad slipping away-its non-slip, rubberized base keeps it securely in place. The mouse pad effectively grips any flat, hard, table top surface.

Wrist Rest : The mouse pad features a wide pillow-like section that supports the wrist when operating a mouse, keeping the wrist in line with the hand instead of in an uncomfortable bent-back position. The raised gel-filled section instantly conforms to the contours of your wrist, creating a cushioning effect for comfort.

Weight 200g
Type Mouse Pad

1. Mouse with wrist pad made of high elastic silicone material, gel-filled cushion conforms to your wrists for maximum comfort and support. Reduce pressure on the wrist, and reduce friction between the wrist and desk.

2. Pretty mouse pad is wave design of mouse wrist pad mat permits natural hand and wrist movement. The central lower design for comfortable touch and support when using, is a portable silicone wrist rest pad.

3. Ergonomic mouse pad with wrist support is Anti-slip silicone base, provides heavy grip preventing sliding or unwanted movement for Keyboard or mouse pads.

4. Protects your wrist, promotes proper hand and wrist movement, reduce the wrist stress, relax your wrist.

5. This Gel Mouse Pad is compatible with a wide range of mouse types, including wired, wireless, optical, mechanical, and laser mice.