4 in 1 Built in Cable 10000mAh Power Bank with Mobile Stand

  • 10000mAh portable power bank gives you the enough power to keep going for a long journey.
  • Built-in high-quality and safe Li-polymer battery, good efficiency for energy storage.
  • USB outputs, can charge phones, pads or other small electronic devices simultaneously.
  • Multi-function PowerBank can be used as a portable phone holder when watching video.
  • 4 in 1 Built in cable with Mobile Stand.
Rs. 795

Power Bank 10000mAh: 4 in 1 Power Bank has the most unique and stylish power bank in the world. It's slim, solid & portable.  

Power Bank with attached 4 charging cable: 4 in 1 Power Bank come's with 4 attached charging cable, Micro USB, USB, Type C & iPhone. This power bank covered all most all smartphones & tablets. You can charge your other electronic device which supports charging from these attached 4 cables.

One extra USB port: 4 in 1 Power Bank has one extra USB port for your external cable. i.e. if you have some other device that has a different port for charging. You can put one side in the USB port and another side in your device.

Unique Phone Stand: Its unique stand makes it completely different. You can enjoy your favorite video while charging. Any phone, it will be fit.

Compatibility: 4 in 1 Power Bank compatible with all smartphones, tablets, cameras, Bluetooth speakers, headphones, neckband dongles, etc.

Built-in Mobile Stand: Entertain Yourself while charging -It comes with a unique mobile stand so that you can enjoy watching movies/videos without running out of charge. Its sturdy & compact design makes it a perfect travel companion.

InputDC 5V 2.0A  Micro USB
OutputDC 5V 2A     USB Port Max 2 A
MaterialABS and PC
Weight230g only
Dimension136mm x 68mm x 19mm

1. Slim 10000mAh Power Bank with 4-in-1 Built-in Charging Cables: iPhone Cable + Type-C Cable + Micro USB Cable. One extra USB port for your external cable.

2. Power Bank comes with a phone stand, you can watch a movie while charging.

3. Slim Power Bank, solid, and portable. Convenient to carry at any time and anywhere. Input: AC 110-220V, USB 5V 2.0 Max - Output: USB/Cable 5V 2.1 Max

4. Safe to use. Over-charging, over-voltage, over-current, and short circuit protection. High Speed charging with 2A output.

5. Intelligent Fast Charging- These charging gadgets cables and USB ports are equipped with FastCharge technology to deliver the highest amps to your devices for rapid charging.